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Nutring, Stimulating and Empowering Children's Brain for Life

The L.E.A.R.N. Program

What is L.E.A.R.N. Program?

Is the only holistic program dedicated exclusively for kids 3-5.  Its theoretical foundation combines the best theories and studies  with the goal to help kids thrive academically, socially, physically, and mentally

The L.E.A.R.N.  program exposes children to the 5 pillars that will support them to become the best version of themselves, those are:

L – Listening Skills

E – Emotional Skills

A – Athletic Skills

R – Reading SKills

N- Nutritional Skills

Why Choose L.E.A.R.N. ?

          Throughout my extensive experience working with children, I have learned the importance of the first five years of  the child’s life – and the impact that those years have on one’s future success. During those years, the brain experiences a tremendous growth (by the age of 5, the child’s brain will be 90% formed) and the child is primed to develop the critical, emotional, social, and cognitive skills that will be the foundation for the person he will become later in life. Failing to do so makes it more challenging for parents and children to catch up and may compromise academic success.

          This is where the L.E.A.R.N. program comes in place. It provides children with the foundation to create successful listening, emotional, athletic, reading and nutritional skills to maximize learning and academic success. And it also has an extra set of workshop for parents, to help them successfully work with their children to make the most out of their development.

L.E.A.R.N. Empowering Parents for Life

Parents involvement in the child’s education is KEY! It complements the child’s development in a very immersive way, extending the experiences from the classroom into real-world activities at home. A parent who understands what one’s child is working on at school, has a better sense of the child’s competency and in which areas he needs to work on to improve confidence and ability.

However, many parents do not know HOW to make this connection successfully.This is why L.E.A.R.N.offers various workshop to parent to help them navigate the most important years of their child’s life! These workshops will  give  parents the toolset to make successful connections in the following skill areas: listening, emotional control, athletics, reading, and nutrition. This enables you to provide your child with the best opportunity to build a strong foundation to be leverage for the rest of the child’s life!

Why Invest in a ‘High Quality’ Preschool Program?

Education during the first 5 years:

  • Has a tremendous impact on a child’s life.
  • Molds the child in a way that helps them tackle all that is thrown at them in life’s journey.
  • Eases socialization
  • Teaches cooperation
  • Teaches teamwork
  • Develops Self-esteem
  • Develops Self-confidence

Meet the Creator

Hi! My name is Karla Garjaka and I have a Doctorate in Educational Psychology and specialization in Nutritional Psychology, Neuropsychology and Linguistics.

Education is my PASSION and my LIFE! I have been in this field for almost 30 years and have already worked as a teacher, administrator, professor, researcher and consultant. I am also a mother of three beautiful bilingual daughters who are constantly teaching me and helping me grow professionally and personally. Since 2010 I have helped hundreds of children, teens, parents and educators overcome cognitive challenges through personalized and holistic solutions.


How to apply? 

STEP 1: Online Application

Please submit your application for the three, four and five-year-old Program.


For questions regarding the application process, please contact karla.garjaka@globallybrighter.com

or call:  (847) 271 3099

Half-day Program

$500 / month
  • M-W or T - Th

Enrichment Classes

$180-200 / month / class

Workshop for Parents

Find below some of the workshop offered for parents:

  • Helping Kids Deal with BIG Feelings
  • The First Five Years Matters!
  • Understanding the Powerful Gut-Brain Connection
  • Raising Lifelong Readers 
  • Let Him SHINE: Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children 

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